Technical Talks

27 Nov 00
Larry Wall's Atlanta Linux Showcase Keynote
Camel Lot #6, The Once and Future Perl
23 Oct 00
Kyle Burton's How runs fast using dynamic page generation with OO perl (based on this talk)
21 Aug 00
Adam Turoff discussing Perl6
24 Jul 00
Walt on Mail::Audit
21 Mar 00
Abigail's talk on JAPHs
28 Feb 00
Hao's talk on PHP and how it compares to Perl
24 Jan 00
15 minute mini-talks
15 Nov 99
R. Geoffrey Avery's Perl, CGI and the Human Genome
18 Oct 99
Abigail's Introduction to Recursive Descent Parsing
22 Sep 99
Mark J. Dominus's Strong Typing (tar) (new notes)
16 Aug 99
Abigail's Administering Sybase with Perl
19 Jul 99
Robert Spier's Perl/Tk Talk
21 Jun 99
Kurt Starsinic's Autoloader Talk
We've had more tech talks, but we only started keeping real good track about here..